Case Study: Blackberry Hill Farm

Chapter 6 presented the approach the LEGO Group used to implement ERM, and chapter 9 presented a discussion and case study on implementing ERM in a higher education environment. Please explain how ERM adoption and implementation in the higher education (HE) environment differs from the for-profit environment. Cite specific examples from this week’s readings.
November 13, 2019
In the past, most network engineers would place a firewall at the perimeter of the network to protect the intranet. Today, the perimeters of networks have become more complex and firewalls have to be strategically placed to protect the digital assets of the organization. Data no longer consists of text documents. It has converged to include video, voice, and text. Malware can be embedded in any type of file, and once it is on the intranet, it can jeopardize the network, impact services, and reduce productivity.
November 13, 2019
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Case Study: Blackberry Hill Farm

page 384

Read the case study and answer the following questions. Provide an introduction, a conclusion, and refrences.

Key issues

  • Capacity management in both services and manufacturing in a seasonal business
  • Quality – service trade-offs
  • Inventory – availability trade-offs
  • Marketing/operations interaction
  • Strategy in small businesses.


1. How do the overall objectives of the business impact on the capacity management of the

various parts of the farm?

2. How important is demand variation to this business as a whole and to each of its separate


3. How could the farm as a whole and each of its separate attractions cope with demand


4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed new ventures (Schoolroom vs. Maize

maze)? What advice would you give Jim and Mandy regarding this year’s new venture?

Use APA format.

Provide a cover page.

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