Cloud Computing

Hackers Launch Cyber Attacks
November 12, 2019
Chapter 5 discusses decision making using system modeling. The author briefly mentions an open source software tool, EMA Workbench, that can perform EMA and ESDMA modeling. Find EMA Workbench online and go to their main website (not the GitHub download site)
November 12, 2019
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The CIO of LEI has decided to move 100% of their IT landscape to the cloud. You have been asked to design the migration strategy for all systems and services. For each of the systems specified in the scenario, identify the cloud deployment and service model you will recommend and then make a specific vendor recommendation. You must provide detailed rationale for your choice including risk assessment, mitigation, and controls and must be consistent with best practices. An integration architecture that would allow all systems to interact as necessary across multiple clouds must be included. 

Hint: Your final architecture will likely be a hybrid cloud with a combination of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS in public and private clouds. Make sure you do not ignore essential services such as IAM.

Deliverable: Standalone PPTX (i.e each slide must be self-explanatory). No specific limit on length. I’d expect 3-5 slides to do justice to each major system that is being transitioned in addition to slides that illustrate how all the systems will be integrated for seamless operation.


Identifying and justifying the optimal choice of service model, deployment model and vendor for all systems and services. -50%

Risk identification, specific controls for mitigation, key contract terms. -25%

Integration Architecture for seamless operation across clouds. -25%

Typos, grammatical errors and other errors that demonstrate a lack of attention: -10% per occurrence.

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