compare different aspects of the companies

Scholarly Activities assignment
January 24, 2019
Take the Dynamic Systems Theory and discuss the various branches and how items in a kids life intersect to influence further development down the line as the kid grows.
January 24, 2019
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 Share updates about your companies. 

Have they launched a new product? Have they been involved in a scandal? Have they recently been fined for lack of compliance? Are their stocks fluctuating or holding steady? 

If nothing has changed, compare different aspects of the companies. Is one stronger or weaker in an area than the other? Is there something on which they could work together?

Note: These are suggested topics; you may discuss any topic related to your companies. As the e-activities will be used for the larger assignments in the course you may want to use these updates as a place to draft your ideas and get feedback.   


NASDAQ listing of health care industry companies