Enterprise Risk Management in health industry

Physical Security
November 13, 2019
What are the primary risks to data and information in transit? Is there any information sent over a network that is completely harmless if read? Justify your answer.
November 13, 2019
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Write a research paper on Enterprise Risk Management in health industry. The paper should have   


 All research reports begin with an introduction. (1 – 2 Pages)


Provide your reader with a broad base of understanding of the research topic. The goal is to give the reader an overview of the topic, and its context within the real world, research literature, and theory. (3 – 5 Pages)

Problem Statement

This section should clearly articulate how the study will relate to the current literature. This is done by describing findings from the research literature that define the gap. Should be very clear what the research problem is and why it should be solved. Provide a general/board problem and a specific problem (150 – 200 Words)

Literature Review

Using your annotated bibliography, construct a literature review. (5-10 pages)


Provide a discussion about your specific topic findings. Using the literature, you found, how do you solve your problem? How does it affect your general/board problem? (3-5 pages)


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