Environmental Footprint Reduction Project efforts

Environmental Footprint Reduction Project efforts

Throughout this course, you are keeping a journal about your experience in the class.  The purpose of this activity is to enable you to reflect on your learning:  what new thing you have discovered, what surprises you have encountered, what topics or ideas you have found particularly challenging, and how the course is going for you.  You should also be using this journal as a space for a progress report on your Environmental Footprint Reduction Project efforts.  Your entries will be evaluate in terms of how well they met the topic and length requirements, and your writing clarity.  One typed page double space Times New Roman 12 pont font

Int the first paragraph or two of your journal entry this week, provide a status report on your Ecological Footprint Reduction Project. Have you encountered success with implementing your intended changes?  What have you learned so far from this activity?

In another one or two paragraphs, share thoughts about the third week of class.  What did you learn?  What experiences stand out for you?  What tasks or contend did you find difficult or frustrating?  What activities did you find surprising or exciting?  Looking ahead, what are your intrigued or concerned by in the fourth week of the course.

I will give you some background on the experiments to kind of help you with the challenges.  The experiments are difficult.  I’m not at all comfortable with measuring, and answering the questions on the lab worksheet.  I know that this is online, but I will feel comfortable with the labs in the classroom.  It takes me a whole weekend to make sure the experiments are working and sometimes it doesn’t work out right.  Just a little info on the background of the challenges.

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