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March 9, 2020
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March 10, 2020
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This assessment provides an opportunity for you to begin to explore how ethics have played a part in your professional life. You will have the opportunity to focus on one situation and analyse it from a range of ethical perspectives with the aim of understanding: 

(a) how ethics is part of your day-to-day professional practice, and

(b) how your current thinking about ethical issues influences your professional practice. 

You will develop the skill to identify and describe an ethical issue, articulate the various choices you have available to you and discuss how you determine what actions you should  take. You will also develop your written skills by presenting a coherent description of an event, demonstrating the capacity to reflect on your behaviour. 

The assignment will help you to develop an ‘ethical mindset’ when making workplace decisions and learn to identify the ethical frameworks that inform those decisions.  


This Reflection should be around 500 words. It should include:

1.A very short description of a workplace event where you had to make an ethical decision. (Examples of the type of event you might write about will be discussed in class).

2.A reflection on how you made the decision to act in the way you did (250 words).

The following questions might help your reflection:

a.What alternative actions did you consider?

b.Why did you choose one action rather than another?

c.What factors did you consider in making the choice?

3.Identification of two ethical frameworks (chosen from the 6 frameworks discussed in Module 2.1), that could have helped you with your ethical decision. These should include reference to two relevant reliable sources that are not part of the subject resources and a brief description of their content (100 words).

4.You simply need to identify the two frameworks, not describe them. Descriptions of the frameworks can be found in module 2.1. 

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