Evading Firewalls

What are the primary risks to data and information in transit? Is there any information sent over a network that is completely harmless if read? Justify your answer.
November 13, 2019
Short Newsletter Item: The Dangers of Biting on a Phish
November 13, 2019
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 Case Project 3-1: Evading Firewalls and the IDPS- 600 Words

You have been assigned to use Nmap to develop testing procedures for how attackers might try to evade detection at your organization’s firewalls and IDPS. Prepare a report that explains which Nmap options can be used to evade firewalls and IDPSs, and how these options function.

 Case Project 4-1: Tunneling IPv6- 2 pages

You have been assigned to report to your network administrators on the use of Teredo. Prepare a two-page memo that outlines why Teredo was developed, how it is implemented in Windows operating systems, for which types of networks it is appropriate, and how long it should be implemented. 

 Case Project 4-2 Creating ACLs 

You have been assigned to create access control lists to filter specific traffic on a Cisco router. Provide the commands needed to filter the appropriate traffic in each of the following ACLs. 

ACL 1 

Allow Telnet connections to the network from the host . 

Allow established connections from network to anywhere. 

Permit all other access. 

ACL 2 

Prevent Telnet connections from network to network. 

Prevent reserved addresses from accessing any network. 

Deny spoofing from the broadcast address. 

Permit all other access. 

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