Functional health

Functional health

  1. Define what you understand by the following terms: 
    1. Young-old, old-old and oldest old
    2. Age, cohort and period
    3. Life span
    4. Life expectancy
    5. Morbidity and mortality
    6. Acute illness and chronic disease
    7. Functional health 

2. We know from our readings that all individuals do not age the same way. Describe what you understand by successful aging and optimal aging. Give examples.

3. Chapter 3 from the Aldwin and Gilmer text, Health, Illness, and Optimal Aging lists some of the theories of aging under 2 broad categories: 1. Biological theories of aging, and 2, Psychosocial theories of aging. In your own words describe a theory from each group.

4.Give 2 interesting facts each about the Demography of Aging in the United States under the following topics:

  1. Number of older Americans
  2. Life expectancy Trends
  3. Racial and ethnic composition
  4. Family structure and living arrangements
  5. Educational attainment
  6. Wealth and poverty
  7. Support ratios
  8. Mortality
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