Health Belief Model

Health Belief Model

Making patients change their lifestyle is at times cumbersome especially in the case where he or she does not see the importance of the change. It is the role of the nurse to educate the patients on the need for the behavioral and lifestyle change. The Health Belief Model shows the reasons why people do not take part in the plans to identify or prevent diseases. The habits and behaviors of the patients determine their health. Other factors have effects, but they are minimal as compared to the behavior and habits.

The model does not give any factors that will make the patients take action. It describes the role of patient’s values and beliefs in determining the adherence and results of the treatment. The model guides nurses to choose the most appropriate strategies to educate the patients. With the model, the nurses can help the patients decide whether to choose the lifestyle and behavioral changes or not. The model will give the nurses knowledge of the patient’s perception of their illness. The patient is provided with the relevant information, and the process of behavioral change facilitated.

The Health Belief Model guides the nurses in analyzing the chances to make the changes in lifestyle and how the patients perceive their health state and the disease risks. The nurse can determine the readiness of the patient to change depending on the perception, how the patient values their health, the health problem in question, the disease itself, hindrance by the disease to achieve a specific goal and the risks associated lifestyle. The nurses should consider these factors to make the patients adopt new lifestyles to impact their health positively. The model is efficient irrespective of age and gender in reducing the health risks caused by the lifestyles.

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