Making A Mid-Life Career Change Draft

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Creation of a draft academic paper using outline below: 

  • Complete a draft of a 6 page double-spaced, properly APA formatted, academic research paper using the outline below:

Making a Mid-Life Career Change Outline

I. Introduction

       Are you thinking of a mid-life career change? Mid-life career change is going through a transitioning phase in career whether if you are in your 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s. A mid-life career change is challenging, and it gets harder if you are older or married with kids. A change in career has always symbolized an escape from job dissatisfaction, work problems, lack of promotion opportunities, or boredom (Coleman, 1999).

   Thesis Statement

       In life, people go through various experiences in their lives. The lessons are either life-changing for the good, bad, or a combination of both. There comes the point in your life where you realized that where you are working or what you are doing is not exactly where you want to be or who you want to become. When deciding to make a mid-life career change, there are a lot of things that come to mind. First, a career change might require investment in additional education or a step back in earning until the new career is established. Second, a midlife career change may disrupt the family’s lifestyle or your lifestyle. Third, how long will it take for you to reach the career goal you desire. 

II. Body

        1. When transitioning over to a new career. There will be a lot of research, and there may be a need to spend some money out of pocket or take a loan. Also, it may cost money because you may need training or you may need to attend school to get your degree in the field that you are interested in. For instance, if you are changing career from a manufacturing job to an office job. You may need to get your bachelor’s degree in order to meet the education of the job requirement. This means you may have to work part-time while attending a school, or you may have to start an entry-level position and move your way up the ladder. 

2. When changing career, family members who depend on your income might

have an opinion about your career change. Or, a spouse who is required to pick up the bills may become resentful of you pursuing your passion. This may mean that while in transition, you may not be able to buy the things you want versus the things you need. You may have to sacrifice social life. 

3. Furthermore, depending on the training, education, and experiences. It may take longer for an individual to achieve career goals. It may take longer to reach your desired position. For instance, if the career field you are shifting to requires a bachelor degree, it may take four years before you can reach the career goal.

III. Conclusion

        Every person in the world goes through different experiences and struggles. Mid-life career change is not always an easy process. It is a personal reinvention, job satisfaction, and retirement security when shifting careers in midlife. 

You may be able to adapt the research used for the annotated bibliography in this paper.  

In addition to the three required sections of this paper, your draft should ALSO include the following:

  • An APA title page
  • Well written introduction and conclusion sections
  • An APA reference page

Note: Your course text The College Writer provides a detailed description of the formatting requirements for this assignment. In addition, you can use the OWL site for additional information on these requirements:

The most common question for this research project is, “How many references should I have?” There is no rule.  However, you ought to think about the sections of your paper. That should guide your thinking on the amount of research needed.  

  1. Section 1 – Of course you have the Mooz text and is an excellent expert reference.  Mooz is not the only expert with an opinion on what constitutes “good decision making.” Therefore, you would probably consult one or two others so that you can formulate your definition and defend it with the research you conducted.
  2. Section 2 – Here is where you discuss the life-changing decision you made and how you went about making it.  Also, you will tell the outcome and evaluate what might have made your decision better, based on your definition in Section 1. Since this is your story, very little new research, if any, would be expected. However, your evaluation of what might have been better or why your decision was so good, would be supported again by the experts you cited in section 1.
  3. Section 3 – This is an area that would have a significant level of research. You should easily find 4 –67 good expert articles that would help someone to reach a good decision if they faced the same decision you made.  Remember: This is the area that needs to add value to the reader so that they believe that they have all of the good information they need to make a wise decision if they were faced with the same life-altering event you faced.

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