monolithic devices

monolithic devices

Computers started out as monolithic devices that people could walk through, and now they can be worn like jewelry. The shrinking of computer size has led to many new and interesting uses.

Based on the topics you learned about in this module about digital devices and the MS Word skills you learned, write a short research paper discussing your findings about the latest developments of niche devices. You can search the Internet to identify the latest technologies, or a group of related technologies, and discuss their development. Your paper needs to be at least five pages long, including a cover page containing the title, an abstract page, and a reference page. You need to write up your paper by answering the following questions:

  • What is the technology you identified and what are the purposes and uses of this technology?
  • What are the problems of existing technologies and how will the new technologies solve the problems?
  • How will the new technologies change, support, or extend current ways of doing things?
  • Which group of people will benefit most from this new technology?
  • What is your opinion of using this new technology? Do you think this new technology will succeed? Or do you think it is just a passing fad, waiting to die off? Can you imagine a scenario where you are using the technology? What do you think is the main assumption of this technology? (For example, an assumption for a 3D TV is that people would not mind wearing 3D glasses while watching TV; an assumption for a smart watch is that people will use the watch while exercising or sleeping, and people will be comfortable using the small touch screen). Do you agree with these assumptions?

Please support your selections by using research papers or credible online sources, and include a list of references on a separate page. Don’t forget to use the APA formatting checklist (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Please see the Excelsior College APA Style (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. page for more information about formatting your paper.

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