Consider the following scenario: 

You are a security specialist and have been asked to provide a  presentation  to the CSU Medical Center. Your audience consists of medical receptionists,  doctors, and finance personnel. Summarize the concepts of the threat triad and  C-I-A triad on how patient information is handled by the  different jobs within  the medical facility. Hint: Does the receptionist need billing information, or  the finance department need patient prognosis, or do doctors need patient  addresses? Explain who needs what information and how    C-I-A helps protect that  information.  

Your completed PowerPoint presentation should be 8 to 10 slides in length.      This does not include your title and reference slides. Use bullet points for      your text, add additional information in your notes section of the slides, and     include a minimum of four graphics or pictures. 

Include at least two sources  in your assignment. All sources used must be      referenced; paraphrased and quoted  material must have accompanying citations     and  be cited per APA guidelines. Make  sure you format your presentation     according to  APA style. If you need  assistance in creating a PowerPoint,     click here to access  a Writing Center  tutorial. If you need     assistance with  including notes or APA  within your  PowerPoint, the document 

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