2 Discussion Questions and a Powerpoint Presentation


2 Discussion Questions and a Powerpoint Presentation

DQ1 This discussion is designed to provide you with feedback on the clarity of your interpretation and communication of the use of systems thinking to lead organizations. Through Unit 6, the course has covered several knowledge areas that include analyses of: Systems theory and systems thinking, and how these concepts challenge leaders to use new ways of viewing the organization. Organizations as sociocultural systems (organizational culture), and how this creates innovation. The ways in which complex adaptive theory informs the role of leadership in change management and innovation. Complexity theory and ways in which leaders use this theory to encourage disruptive innovation in their organizations. Network theory and how this theory informs new views of leadership to manage change and create innovation in complex adaptive systems. For this discussion, choose one of these areas and prepare a 5–6 slide PowerPoint presentation in which you use several points to form a cohesive and logical statement about leading organizational systems. Provide a rationale for your assertions with credible support. Use the speaker notes section of each slide to expand your talking points and include a slide with your APA-formatted references. DQ2 The Value of Critical Thinking Activity Instructions Using the readings from this unit’s study and other sources that you locate in the library, reflect on critical thinking, systems thinking, and problem solving. Think about problem solving at different levels, such as designing plans, leading, and analyzing to improve processes and outcomes. Read the following scenario and the respond to the question below it: John Smith wants to be efficient in problem solving and is suggesting we focus our efforts on looking closely at only things that are currently creating problems in the organization, and that we do this at the individual department level. Is this a good approach or do you see risks with John’s suggestion? Support and defend your answer. DQ3 Integrating Critical Thinking and Analysis Activity Instructions Critical thinking is essential to good leadership and also to the successful design and implementation of project plans. In your post this week: Briefly describe your approach to the problem-solving plan you are proposing for your course project. Provide details on how you will ensure critical analysis of your approach, and how critical thinking can lead to the creation of innovation and successful outcomes for the organization. Support your analysis with references to the literature.

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