400 Word Epidemiology Discussion (Past, Present & Future)


DUE 8/28 7 p.m EST

400 WORDS not including Title & Ref (Min 3) APA 

The classical role of epidemiologists began in the mid-18th century with the industrial transformation in Great Britain (Szreter, 2003). William Farr and John Snow, two contemporary epidemiologists, contributed to the development of modern day “vital statistics” and “surveillance” systems—essential tools for contemporary public health research (Szreter, 2003). During this time epidemiologists were mostly concerned about causes and prevention of infectious diseases.

Today, epidemiologists have largely shifted their focus to the study of chronic diseases and are likely to utilize modern technology and information systems to understand complex diseases. The roles of epidemiologists are constantly evolving. While the precise roles of epidemiologists in the future has yet to be determined, it will certainly be impacted by scientific advances, factors shaping human health, technical advances in health informatics, and cutting-edge methods.

For this Discussion,Consider the evolving roles of epidemiologists. Think about the roles of epidemiologists. Consider what advances may influence the roles of epidemiologists in the future.

 Post a brief explanation of the role of technology and information systems in epidemiology today. Then provide two specific examples of how the role of an epidemiologist and the use of technology have evolved since the time of John Snow. Explain the future role that epidemiologists may serve in your community and explain one or two factors that might most influence the role of epidemiologists in the next 5–10 years. Provide your rationale. 

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