Advertising Gender


Advertising Gender

The purpose of this activity is to: Explain the concepts of gender and gender stratification. Identify examples of sociological concepts in action in our society. Assess potential effects that advertisements can have on their audience. Instructions: 1. Look at 5-10 advertisements that you encounter in your day-to-day life and that feature men, women, or both sexes. The ads can be from newspapers, magazines, posters, billboards, television, busses, BVC, etc. If you are lucky enough to not see many ads, you may find them on the Internet. Take note of the products or services that are featured in the ads, as well as the words that are spoken or written and the behaviours of people in the ads. 2. Post a message to the discussion forum in response to the following: Which ads feature mostly men and which feature mostly women? Who do these ads appear to be directed at? How do men and women in these ads behave? How do they dress? Does this depiction reflect “normal” men and women in Canada? What qualities do these ads associate with men and women (e.g., personality traits, physical appearance, interests)? Do you agree with this assessment? For what reason?

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