AGRI1001 Feeding The World


AGRI1001 Feeding The World

Task Description 

Your essay should include:

  • Introduction – The introduction should introduce the topic of the essay as well as the aim of the essay and should also outline the organization of the essay (i.e. the major points that will be discussed).
  • Main Body – The primary goal of the body of the essay is to present the well-researched, central arguments of the essay. Be sure to use headings where appropriate and make good use of topic sentences.
  • Conclusion – In the conclusion you should restate the aim of the essay, review and summaries key arguments and offer some commentary on the topic.

Essay Topics: Causes Of Global Food Insecurity

A not for profit organization in Australia is developing policy documents to outline their stance on global and local food security. You have been given the task of reviewing the relevant literature on the major environmental, biological, social and economic reasons for why food insecurity occurs at the local and global scale. You have been asked to discuss how these major reasons individually and/or collectively impact the ability of individuals to obtain sufficient and healthy food and have also been asked to consider likely future scenarios. The organization’s policy documents will be developed from your essay.

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