(ANSWERED) HIST310 Discussion : Board 2 ? Urban Industrial Society


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In this module we will be addressing the topic of Urban Industrial Society.? By the end of this module you should know the following:n


  • Identify the differences between the lived experiences of the working class,?the middle class, and the wealthy in London in the nineteenth century
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  • Explain the connection between industrialization and the rise of the urban middle class in Europe
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nDiscussion Question?nnBased on your exploration of the assigned articles and primary sources, what do you think were the most significant differences between the lived experiences of the working class, middle class, and the wealthy in London in the nineteenth century???Support your opinion with evidence from at least one primary source from the website.? Include a link to the source in your post and explain?how/why this source supports your conclusion.? Post a question to at least one of your classmate?s posts and respond to a question posed to you following the schedule in the Tasks chart.nnSOLUTIONnnHello professor and class,nnThe social classes in the Victorian era were clearly defined. One of the significant differences was how these classes earned a living. The upper class was the most fortunate and in most cases did not perform manual labor. They made a living out of their lands and hired the lower class to work for them. They made investments for profits. The middle class owned multiple businesses and due to industrialization, had more opportunities to work decent jobs. The working class was divided into the laborer, the intelligent artisan, and the educated man (Picard, 2009). Although they belonged to the same class, their earnings were different.nnAnother significant difference was the quality of life. In the upper class, children got the best education from the best tutors. They were able to afford imported clothing that??????..