(ANSWERED) NR351 Week 4 Assignment: Professional Paper Worksheet (Graded)


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nCourse OutcomesnThis assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:nnCO 3: Demonstrate effective communication and interprofessional collaboration in professional decision-making. (POs 3, 4)nCO 4: Apply concepts of ethics and professionalism to nursing practice, nursing roles, and academic development. (POs 5, 6)nDue DatenSunday end of Week 4, 11:59 p.m. MT.nnPointsn175 pointsnnLate Assignment PolicynIf the assignment is not submitted by due date, a late deduction will be applied. See rubric below.nnDirectionsnCarefully read these directions and the grading rubric below.nDownload the required template below under Template.nRename that template as Your Last Name Professional Paper Worksheet.docx. This must be saved as a Microsoft Word document (.docx). Save it to your own computer or flash drive in a location where you will be able to retrieve it later. Type your assignment directly on the saved document. Save your work often.