BB7019 Strategic Project Management And Practice


BB7019 Strategic Project Management And Practice

The purpose of the project is to practice some of the aspects of project planning and control in the context of uncertainty. The project is to be done individually.

1)Based on the results of previous assignment on this module, your prior work experience or personal preferences pick a subject area for a project (see list of proposed subject areas below).

2)As a representative of an organisation commissioning the above project:

a)Define a reasonably achievable scope and deliverables – use your judgement to set the time constraints, assume money is “no object”.

b)Construct a Request For Proposal (RFP) that is to be sent out to potential contract bidders. Refer to the lecture slides for the standard/required components of the document.

3)As a contractor who has just won the tender for the above project create a Project Charter to be used by the project team. This should at least include the following elements:

a)Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

b)Estimate of time and resources needed (staff, materials, etc.)

c)Network / Critical Path analysis and Gantt Diagram


e)Quality Assurance plan

f)Risk Management plan

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