BBA Project 5.1 Industry and Company Analysis Business Plan


BBA Project 5.1 Industry and Company Analysis Business Plan

PROJECT ASSIGNMENT: This project assignment will address the following content areas: 1. Business proposal description: Describe with as much detail as possible your business ideal or proposal. Whether the proposal is a product, service, process or expansion of an existing enterprise, provide an analysis of why the proposal will differentiate itself from the competition and provide value to key stakeholders. 2. Opportunity analysis: Discuss why the business proposal addresses a potential opportunity. The application of a SLEPT analysis and Porter’s five forces model will provide support for the proposed business opportunity or plan. 3. Competitive analysis: Identify current and potential competitors to your business idea. 4. Target market: Describe the target market for your business proposal. Provide demographic information about your target audience based on using industry data to benchmark or categorize your target market. 5. Value Proposition: Describe the value proposition of your business proposal by identifying its competitive advantage in terms of differentiation cost leadership and/or market focus. As part of your discussion, address how like the competition could imitate your product or service idea. 6. Other key items: List any potential barriers to entry with respect to your business proposal and how you would overcome those barriers. RESOURCES: Project related resources and supporting materials are located on the Canvas learning management system. Business Plan is to enhance Granite Credit Union’s Deposit Suite of Products. We have 1,176 business accounts currently, but we want to deepen the relationship with quality business services, bringing non-interest income to the Credit Union.

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