Becoming a ‘Level 5 Manager’ Self-Development Plan


Becoming a ‘Level 5 Manager’ Self-Development Plan

As you approach the end of term remember you are asked to reflect on your career goals and strategies to become what Jim Collins calls a Level 5 Manager. While the syllabus asks for your Level 5 papers to be completed by June 14, you may take until June 15 if you need the time. There are two articles listed on the syllabus for our final class together. I think one of those articles might be extremely helpful as you complete your Level 5 paper. It is Christensen’s How Will You Measure Your Life? The purpose of the Self-Development Plan is to: 1. Reflect upon the degree to which you have acquired a broad and deep understanding of the business disciplines and the interdisciplinary nature of the business. I encourage you to review the MBA program goals to help you assess yourself on this point. 2. Develop a self-development plan that describes where you need to improve in order to move up the Level 5 Manager pyramid, or whatever career pyramid you are inclined to climb. 3. Have identified specific steps and timing to initiative these self-development goals–all guided by the variety of assessments you have completed in this course and throughout the program. Be able to do all of the above in a clear, concise, professional, and interesting way. Please limit your Level 5 paper to no more than four (4) single-spaced pages, APA style exclusive of any appendices you may want to add. I look forward to reading your self-reflection.

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