BHO0202 Managing Organisational Design And Change


BHO0202 Managing Organisational Design And Change

Providing real world examples discuss the following:
1.What are organisations?
2.What do organisations do?
3.What are they composed of?
4.How are organisations organised?
5.Are they all the same or are there differences?
6.If they are different in what way do they differ?
7.What are the reasons for the differences?

Question: Organisational Context
•Why is understanding the context within which an organisation operates important?
(Remember you should be using the literature to develop and support your answers)

Question: Strategic decision making and strategic frameworksCritically analyse the benefits strategic decision-makers would gain from utilising a definitive strategic framework and following a specified strategy development and deployment process?
You are expected to provide an example(s) of a strategic framework.

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