Brand Choices



After reading Week 8 materials from your custom text, choose a brand below OR choose one of your own and answer the questions for this forum.

Brand Choices (some old brand names / some new brands):

Casper Mattresses

Airstream Trailers


Brooks Brothers

John Deere

1. Describe your brand that you chose.  What image do customers have of your brand?

2. If it is an older brand, how can you keep it relevant today?   Discuss life cycle planning (renewal and revitalization strategies).  If it is a new brand – what is your five year / ten year plan for this brand?

3. How do target customers perceive this brand image compared to that of the competition (brand positioning)?

4. What would be the best positioning approach (review Table 11.2 from your reading this week).

5. What new ‘disruptive idea’ do you have to offer this brand – pretend you are the new brand manager, what experiential marketing approach might you use to make this brand be talked about again (an opportunity for press / PR).  You will have to research experiential marketing on your own to add to this discussion – but check out:

6. How could you integrate Christian values into the brand growth of this company?

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