Business Intelligence and Big Data


The project presentation should demonstrate knowledge in the chosen area. The presentation should be formatted as follows:

1. Apply a Design Theme of your choice 

2. Use APA style correctly throughout the presentation

3. Use correct grammar and punctuation

4. Format correctly and consistently

5. Include a title slide (introduction slide) at the beginning of the presentation and a conclusion slide at the end of the presentation, and a reference slide using APA format at the end of the presentation.

6. Number all slides beginning with the title slide as slide 1

7. Utilize 10 references from scholarly sources…do NOT use Wikipedia (one source can be the textbook)

8. Cite references within the presentation using correct APA format

9. Include a minimum of 16 slides which will include the cover and reference slides

10. Include at least one figure or one table in the presentation and format in APA style

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