Business law



Please analyze the opinion in the case of Hughes v. Oklahoma on page 74.ONE PAGE

and speparatly answer questions 2 and 8 on Page 92.ONE PAGE SO TWO PAGES IN TOTAL

Suggested Format for Case Analysis 

1. FACTS: A concise statement of the important facts of the case- What basically occurred that gave rise to the dispute between the parties that wound up in litigation? 

2. PROCEDURAL HISTORY: (If the information is provided; it may not be) what happened in court after suit was filed? Was there a dismissal; summary judgment; appeal; second appeal, etc? 

3. ISSUE: What is the major issue that the court has to decide- (There may be more than one issue- what is the issue that relates to the material covered in the current chapter?) 


DECISION: How did the court decide the case? 

5. LEGAL REASONING: What does the Judge’s opinion say about the legal basis for the decision. 

6.YOUR COMMENTS (optional): Do you agree or disagree with the decision? Why? 

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