Business Report (with action memorandum and executive summary)


Business Report (with action memorandum and executive summary)

This original business report is to be 800 words in length including an executive summary. Attached to the report will be an action memorandum of 200 words explaining the report’s importance and potential use to an employer (the total word count for this assignment is 1000 words). Students will be graded on the quality of research undertaken, writing style and quality, and the correct referencing of sources and citations using APA format. You will be expected to include evidence of your own research (either quantitative or qualitative or both) through the incorporation of visual illustrations (graphs, charts, tables etc) as well as secondary research. Your report should be easy to read, understood without undue effort and, where applicable, be able to be acted upon. To achieve these aims you must communicate in a way that is both acceptable and intelligible to your audience. Your research question is: What is the most important aspect of London that needs to change to encourage more international students to come and live and study in the capital? Grading Criteria (What constitutes a good assignment?): An executive summary Convincing thesis Quality of research Structure and organization Writing quality: correctness, quality, concision Analytical skills Referencing and citations

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