College Student Sexual Health


College Student Sexual Health

Essay option 1, is “College Student Sexual Health” which can be seen as a current issue or a historical social problem. Put your ideas into an organized analysis. Your paper should be argumentative. It’s about how society is affected and how the members of society react to the social forces of culture, institutions and structure. You are not allowed to use any other sources other than- Sexual Health definition, at least one of the Sociological perspectives, and the survey results from the College Student Sexual Health survey administered by the SOCI/PSYC-2306 & SOCI-1301 class. Sexual Health can be defined as: Sexual health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality. It requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination and violence. Citation: World Health Organization, This is an Essay, I have given you a topic, discuss it in your own words! Paragraph 1 1) What is the societal assumption when it comes to young people (College Students) and sexual health? Basically you are to tell if you believe College students (using ECC students as a model) are sexually healthy or not. Use the information you have been given in the links above (survey results and definition of Sexual Health) to formulate your ideas. Paragraph 2 2) Provide opposing viewpoints; how do those who oppose your point of view see the issue? Paragraph 3 3) apply at least one Sociological Perspective to support your argument (Conflict Theory, Structural Functionalist Theory, or Symbolic Interaction Theory.) Choose one of the defined theories (Below), State it, define it, and apply it- tell why it is applicable to your perspective. Basically, you should Illustrate- to give examples in order to make (something) easier to understand. (This means to restate the theory in your own words- how it’s applicable to your perspective.) Also, this is the only direct quote you can use. You are to use what is given to formulate your own ideas/thoughts. Theories: Structural Functional Approach: sees society as a complex system whose parts work together to promote solidarity and stability.- What are the parts (religion, laws, education, Justice system?) Social-Conflict Approach: sees society as an arena of inequality that generates conflict and change.- Reminder it’s not just conflict- what is the change as a result of that conflict? Symbolic Interaction Approach: sees society as the product of the everyday interactions of individuals. Feminism Approach: the study of society that focuses on inequality and conflict between women and men. Citation for Theories: Macionis, J. (2013). Society, The Basics. Upper saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Paragraph 4 4) Please cut and paste 1 bar graph AND both pie charts directly into your essay. (Attachment in link) Start with this sentence or state within paragraph: According to the random El Centro College student survey conducted by SOCI/PSYC-2306 & SOCI-1301 class FIELD SURVEY Write a 200 word interpretation of a visual artifact (Graph/Chart) related to paper content (charts/graphs are in link below.) Use at least 1 bar graph and both pie charts in the link above to support your argument/perspective. Meaning, tell me what the chart/graphs are telling you. What are the numbers telling you? (Discuss all the numbers/percentages within graph/pie charts. I will take off 10 points if you do not discuss every set of numbers!) How do the percentages in the chart/graph support your argument? What are the implications-(What conclusions can be drawn from these statistics/percentages or calculations?) Paragraph 5 5) Talk about how the issue of Sexual Health affects/or is affected by or through culture. Also talk about civic engagement within your community (your neighborhood or campus.) Has Sexual Health been influenced throughout U.S. culture. How has it been influenced or reinforced- television, media, etc.? Speak about civic (of or relating to being a citizen, or part of a community) responsibility as it pertains to Sexual Health. Talk about your civic engagement-participation in an activity- such as attending a free STD/I testing at ECC, or possibly voting in regards to women’s sexual health, or attending a rally/protest. Paragraph 6 6) This should be your conclusion! Last page- CITATIONS Don’t forget to cite your source- there is a link to APA format, the theory citations have been given to you. Chart/Graph- should be in-text: According to the random El Centro College student survey conducted by SOCI/PSYC-2306 & SOCI-1301 class FIELD SURVEY. You don’t need an abstract for the essay.

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