Communities of Practice


Communities of Practice

Write and “informative abstract” based on the attached article and answer the questions. Why did you choose the reading that you did from the CoP references? What appeals to you regarding this author or topic? Once you read the piece, how critical was your thinking regarding the author’s point of view, thesis, agenda? (Always examine intention of author when reading ANY work. Subjectivity is not alwasy a bad thing.) If the work was from the early history of community research, are there findings or authors today that would take exception with the ideas? Do you agree or do you find your experiences different than described by the author? Modern visual media changes constantly and influences our interactions – constantly creating a much more visual, immersive, inter-connected experience. Does this change our collective understanding of community, or does a sense of connection transcend media used? Regarding social good, does the reading provide any research or practical understandings that will help you form community/collective understanding/collective action in the digital space? Be prepared to make your case.

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