Complete The Unit 9 Discussion Board Activity “Caregiving”


For this week’s discussion topic, you are asked to watch the 30-min. documentary Aging Matters: Caregiving (click here to access). After viewing the video, answer the questions listed below:

  1. What types of formal and informal care did the older adults portrayed in this documentary require? (In your answer, consider ADL and IADL functioning, financial and emotional support, as well as coordination of services and advocacy).
  2. Do you find that the caregivers portrayed in the documentary fit the profile of a typical caregiver in the US, as described in your textbook? Why or why not?
  3. Describe the financial, emotional, and psychological cost that the caregivers experienced as a result of their new role. Be specific and provide examples.
  4. Address the benefits of caregiving that were discussed by the people portrayed in the video.
  5. Discuss whether our current health care and financial system is prepared for the anticipated increase in older adults requiring care. What challenges do current demographic trends pose to those who will need caregiving services in the future? What services and supports are currently available to support the needs of older adults and their caregivers and how are those funded? (in your answer, consider options like home care, assisted living, day care, and nursing home).

Read and follow the Discussion Board Post Grading Rubric to ensure your post and follow up comments meet all of the requirements noted there.

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