Creating a managers framework


Creating a managers framework – 100 points

You are a manager in your organization or an organization you are familiar with.  You must understand your organization in order advise IT strategy.

Answer the following questions about your organization to better understand the organization’s design:

1. What are the important structures and reporting relationships within the organization?

2. Who holds the decision rights to critical decisions?

3. What are the important people‐based networks (social and informational), and how can we use them to get work done better?

4. What are the characteristics, experiences, and skill levels of the people within the organization?

5. What are the key business processes?

6. What control systems (management and measurement systems) are in place? 

7. What are the culture, values, and beliefs of the organization?

Once you answer these questions, discuss how the IS strategy and organizational strategy align.   Has the organizational strategy affected the IS strategy?  Has the IS strategy affected the organizational strategy?  How could they be better aligned?

Use APA guidelines to create a paper in Word. Your paper should have a minimum of 600 words addressing all the areas above.   Please include at least 3 scholarly references 5 years or less old plus your text to support your recommendations.

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