Crime Control vs Due Process AND Criminal Behavior and the UCR


Crime Control vs Due Process AND Criminal Behavior and the UCR

Refer to Chapters 1 and 2 in the textbook when answering the questions below. Part I: What is crime control and due process models of criminal justice? How do they differ? In your opinion which one do you prefer and believe our society needs to embrace? Part I: One of the goals of criminology – the scientific study of the nature, cause, and control of criminal behavior – is to understand the cause of crime. There are many theories of crime causation, which generally fall into the following categories: choice, trait (biological and psychological), and sociological. Each of the following categories also has sub-categories. Which theory discussed in the chapter do you agree with the most? Make sure to list the theory’s name and the theorist(s) associated with the theory. Part II: Chapter 2 discusses Measuring Crime and Victimization. One way to obtain statistical data and report it to the general public is through the Uniform Crime Report (UCR). Briefly describe the history of the report, and then identify at least two shortcomings. Lastly, illustrate in your original discussion how these shortcomings could be repaired in order to provide the general public with better accurate data. The questions are broken into 2 parts! Make sure answer each set of questions!!!!! You will be graded on content, grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity, and citing (giving credit for other author’s information). Complete thoughts and sentences are expected for maximum points. You should use your textbook first, and then add supplemental readings as required. You are NOT allowed to use Wikipedia, which should already be known to college students. Only governmental criminal justice websites, peer-reviewed articles, scholarly journals, or professional textbooks are accepted for supplemental sources. needs to be 2 pages long, each part is a separate paragraph, apa format, i have included pictures of the textbook pages.

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