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CRITICAL THINKING QUESTIONS 1. What information about crime victims is not systematically collected by the UCR and the NCVS, or even the NIBRS? Why would this additional information be important? How could it be used? 2. Make up some hypothetical scenarios in which people with a vested interest in convincing the public that victimization rates are either going up or going down could“shop around”for UCR or NCVS statistics about robberies or burglaries to support their claim. SUGGESTED RESEARCH PROJECTS 1. Monitor this year’s murders in your hometown by carefully searching through local newspapers for articles that provide the necessary details. Assemble a database that includes profiles of the victims and the offenders, breakdowns of the victim–offender relationship, weapons used, and circumstances categorizing of the killings. How do these slayings compare statistically to the national averages presented in this chapter? 2. Develop a table that lists the same cities from the map in Figure 4.4. But instead of murder rates, assemble robbery rates from the FBI’s UCR. Does the ranking of these large U.S. cities by robbery rates come out the same as for murder rates? 3. Develop a brief questionnaire about high-risk activities and survey people you know. Ask whether they feel these activities are too dangerous to undertake in terms of being robbed. See if the willingness to take precautions (adopt victimization prevention strategies) is connected to age, sex, or past misfortunes.

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