Criminal Justice system potential issues in WA State


Criminal Justice system potential issues in WA State

Select a potential issue in the criminal justice system that you see as problematic in the future. Prepare a Power Point Presentation utilizing the “Five Step process for Planned Change” [page 74 text] on how a policy can be developed to address this issue. This presentation must include a minimum of power point slides and accompanying audio. For those adventurous types, video with your PPt. would be an adventure. Panopto will be the vehicle for this presentation. The presentation must be a minimum of 20 minutes, but no longer than 30 minutes. A complete presentation will be based on the Washington State Criminal Justice System and the conditions that are applicable to our state laws and existing policy or lack of policy. The project will use a minimum of four (4) sources, in addition, at least one of these references MUST be a peer, reviewed journal article from an academic journal. If you are in doubt if the material you have found meets the requirements for the project, ASK! I will need about 8-10 slides with sound explaining each slide

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