Critical Essay and reflections of Entrepreneurship in Business


Critical Essay and reflections of Entrepreneurship in Business

Maximum 2000 +/- 10% word limit, excluding references and appendices. Penalty of 10% applies for exceeding word count. Word count must be indicated on the first page of your report. This assessment requires you to write an essay that must include two sections. The first section is where you provide an analytical review of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. Research this topic and include the many perspectives of studying and understanding the entrepreneurial mindset, characteristics, personality and other environmental factors that influence entrepreneurial behaviour. What is the role and support of family, friends, community (social and business) and government? Source from multiple areas of information such as academic peer-reviewed journals, web links, industry reports, government report, and popular media to support your analysis. All sourced content must be referenced appropriately using Harvard style format. The second section is a reflective report. Reflective writing encourages you to examine your personal learning and experience about specific situations such as your learning in relation to taking this unit. It helps you to think about how your experience can apply to future projects you might be working on.

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