Culture and the Changing American Family


Culture and the Changing American Family

Choose any one trend from the Pew Center article on The American Family Today ( and provide a culturally critical analysis on the topic/trend using the sociological imagination tools in the UNM article. You can focus on any of the trends presented on the website. In your college-level, critically sound essay, include responses to three of the following questions with your analysis: • What do the numbers (statistics) say? • How does the trend reflect cultural changes in society? • What was most interesting to you about the findings, and why? • What is a real-world example of the findings? • What is a popular culture example of the findings? • How can you interpret the findings sociologically? Your assignment should be a paper 2-3 pages long, not including the required title and reference pages. Adhere to the APA. Include at least three scholarly sources (you may use the recommended readings) to support your answers.

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