Current problem in youth justice sytem in Australia


Current problem in youth justice sytem in Australia

This is a crucial stage of the assessents in the course and it is worth stopping to think about ‘problems’ and how they get talked about in relation to these policy areas. Politicians and the media can often portray these issues in ways that, while at first glance might seem neutral or factual, are often actually misrepresentations and are not evidence-based. It is therefore critical to the success of your research across the three assessments that you think critically about how you are deciding what is and isn’t a problem and to do this by genuinely engaging with literature—i.e. research to learn about the topic. If you don’t and instead take a superficial approach to research by, say, taking a framing of a problem from media headlines and then attempt to ‘jam’ references under your preconceived ideas, it will be impossible to meet the criteria on critical thinking and evidence across all three assessments. To avoid this, first understand that there are many popular and problematic assumptions that are made in relation to the three policy areas, accept that you may be making some or all of these without realising it and commit to being guided by your research and the evidence you find. This assessment requires you to submit a report of 1,000-1,500-word report that addresses the following points: Identify and describe a current problem in Australia in relation to Youth justice OR illicit drugs OR and terrorism Explain how that problem has come about Describe the context of the problem and identify the costs of problem to government. Explain how the government is active in this area

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