Cybercrime and Network Traffic



Location of suspicious network traffic, knowledge of networks that generate troublesome traffic, and identification of network problems are some of the reasons why a cybersecurity professional would investigate network traffic. However, a major reason is to detect which traffic might be the cause of a cybercrime.

For this task, imagine that the program director of the cybersecurity unit in a local college has requested that you give a presentation on tools used to extract network packets for an investigation of a cybercrime on the finances of the college. It may help to select a specific college with which you are familiar.

In your presentation, you should address the following

  1. Provide an introduction explaining the relevance of capturing network traffic for investigation purposes.
  2. Provide a summary by stating the best tool(s) that you believe should be used in network traffic analysis for the cybercrime on the local college finances.
  3. Delineate a course of action and determine the benefits that will be gained from implementing the recommended tools.
  4. Include a Word document with the table below filled in, which you will provide as a handout to your audience.

Network Analysis ToolOperating systemBrief explanation of useTcpdump  Windump  Netintercept  Wireshark  Commview  BillSniff  MaaTec Network Analyzer  EtherDetect packet Sniffer  etherApe  ntop  NetSetMan  

References: Support your presentation with at least 4 scholarly or industry references

Keep your audience in mind. Remember you are not preparing this for an academic audience. Your audience will not care about theoretical or conceptual issues in information security and healthcare in particular. They will only care about specific issues, strategies, and scenarios that are relevant to their organization.

Length: 5-7 slides (with a separate reference slide)

Notes Length: 200-350 words for each slide (in lieu of speaker notes, you may record a video or screen capture of yourself delivering the presentation, upload it to a video-sharing site such as YouTube, and submit the presentation along with a link to where the video can be viewed).

Be sure to include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA format and style where appropriate. Save the file as PPT with the correct course code information.


 Information Security Policies, Procedures, and Cybersecurity 

Risk management helps in the identification of vulnerabilities and threats to information resources used by an organization. The process of risk management helps organizations in deciding what countermeasures, if any, to take in reducing risk to an acceptable level based on the value of the resource. The implementation of policies, standards, procedures, guidelines, and controls help organizations achieve a better security posture. In most organizations, information security policies are a primary element of cybersecurity and governance.

Information security policies and procedures reflect management standards. Guidelines help people conform to the required standards but are not mandatory. Guidelines use softer language than standards and are customized for the intended audience. As a cybersecurity professional, it is important to have an in-depth knowledge of the security policy of an organization to help with compliance and legal issues inside and outside the organization.

For this task, you will address information security policies, standards, procedures, guidelines, and controls. Address the following in your paper:

  1. Differentiate between policy, standard, procedure, guideline, and control.
  2. Describe the characteristics of a successful policy.
  3. Outline in a diagram format the security policy lifecycle.
  4. Outline the components of an information security policy.
  5. Using the table below, define and explain the five most relevance policy that a cybersecurity professional should implement to help promote the security posture of the organization.
  6. Outline the policy impact assessment to a production environment that deals with protected information.

Policy nameDescription/PurposeScope               

Length: 1 page table, and a 5-6 page paper, not including titles and reference pages.

References: a minimum of 8 resources

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards

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