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Project description

Organize Meeting and Interpretation (OMI) is an international organization that offers event 

organization for world leaders to gather and discuss important world issues. OMI determines the 

location for the meeting, meeting start and end dates, number of sessions in each meeting, begin and 

end times for each session, and assigns interpreters to each meeting. The interpreters have a set of 

language skills. Each meeting has a set of language interpretation needs, and interpreters are assigned 

to each meeting according to the languages spoken in the meeting.

Currently, OMI’s operations are supported by a legacy system that runs on desktops Windows operating 

system. The OMI staff access the legacy application via a shared folder. The database supporting the 

application is a Sybase database management system. Because of the nature of desk top applications, 

the OMI system is not accessible via a browser, and this pts limitations on the OMI staff, when they are 

travelling and would like to access the system.

OMI is looking to improving their system and migrate their system to a Web application and migrate 

their database into Cloud.

The new system, TO-BE system, which will be a web application with database in Cloud, should be 

capable of the following functionalities:

Allow OMI staff to login and access application features according to their roles

Allow OMI staff to create a new meeting, assign begin and end dates, crate one or more 

sessions for each meeting with begin and end times, select one or more languages for the 

meeting, assign interpreters according to the language needs of the meeting, assign a meeting 

room according to the number of people attending the meeting, and select the location of the 


The system shall allow web access by meeting attendees and allow online registration for the 


The system shall allow email notifications to attendees of the meetings

Th system should have the following qualities:

Fast response when a user logs in and uses the system

The look and feel of the web pages should be user friendly

Users should be able to use the system easily

The system should be secure

The interpreters are identified by their first name, last name, education, languages they know and level 

of competence in their languages, and their address of residence.

The meeting location is identified by name, street address, city name, state/province, country name. 

A meeting is identified by meeting name, start and end dates, and associated sessions.

9-Create Use case diagrams and use case descriptions for TO-BE system for the above project.

10-Create Business process modeling with activity diagrams for the above project.

11-Identify classes for the above project. Create a Class diagram of the system for the above project.

12-What Design strategy would you use for the above project?

13-Create an ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) for the above project. 

14-Map the problem domain classes to a relational database management system.

15-Create a mockup screen of the user interface. Include the Navigation structure design.

16-System implementation: Create a web application or a desktop application for the above project.

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