Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis


COMP 2230 – Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis

Assignment #1: Linked List


This first assignment is to explain the concept of linked list with the details of the algorithms behind it.

Write a menu driven program to :

1. Create a link list

2. Add the new node in the list

3. Delete a node

4. Display the whole list

5. Exit

When 2 or 3 are selected, the number of node is inserted. Take 0 as beginning, -1 as end and the number to insert or delete the number defined. 

Make sure after each insertion and deletion, the complete list is displayed on the screen.

The node details are as follows:

static class Node { 

       int number; 

String name;

       Node next; 

       Node(int d, String s)  { data = d;  name = s; next=null; } // Constructor 


Following are the screen shots for your reference:

i have attched the file.

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