· You are asked   to develop a database system to keep track of product inventory for an online   shopping website, It sells used DVDs (movies, TV series,   music videos). Regardless of the DVD content categories, the company wants to   keep track of previous owner, initial DVD release date and retail price,   purchase date and condition, and the suggested used-sale price. In addition,   it wants to catalog some unique information for each DVD category. This   includes:
directors, writers, stars, and synopsis for movies;
         creators, stars, episodes for TV series; and
directors, producers, casts, and music titles   for music videos
  The number of directors, stars and so forth can be just two, given the   website does not show their comprehensive lists. Each DVD title has multiple   used DVDs for sale. For each DVD title, the company wants to know how many   DVDs are available for sale as well.

· Based on the   above case, draw a 3NF ER diagram.  For each entity, attributes can be shown   as 

· short-hand text   notation, attribute names inside the entity box, or bubbles connected to the   entity (see the attached examples).  The number of attributes can be a   representative few unless the case is explicitly requiring.

Implement   database designs using your CDM SQL Server account.  Submit the   screenshots of the database table designs and the table relations view.    Make sure that the screenshots are not too small to read.  Use   ALT+Fn+Print Scrn (Win10) to capture the screenshots.

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