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De Anza College Oil On Ice Article EssaySchool

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After some thought, I realized that this is a better way for us to engage in this exercise. Thank you for bearing with me while I explore my creativity as an educator. I like to keep things fresh and sometimes that means I change it up on the fly.

This will make it easier for you, I promise. Instead of a discussion, you will submit a list of stakeholders from Oil on Ice. I supplied you with a shortlist in the assignment, but I would like you to reflect back and think about what groups may be missing (I can identify a few). Make a list of all the stakeholders- the ones I suggested in the original assignment (Oil on Ice) and the additional stakeholders that you come up with yourself.

For each of the stakeholder groups write 2-3 sentences stating their stance on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Please format clearly for easy review.

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