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De Anza College Rising Sea Level PaperSchool

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We are hearing more and more about the impacts and consequences of Climate Change. We are seeing more powerful and damaging storms, increased acres of forests burning each year, and dire warning of sea level rise that will displace thousands of people Worldwide. Many Scientists believe we may have reached the point of no return and can’t undo or rewind the damage that will be dine in the next few years. Watch the video referenced and provide a STRONG PARAGRAPH for EACH QUESTION below.

1) In the video, Rising Sea Levels- Changing Planet, NAME and DESCRIBE THREE EFFECTS of rising sea levels in some of the US’ major coastal cities?

2) According to the video, Rising Sea Levels- Changing Planet (and your own independent research if required), certain geographic areas in the US are susceptible to rising sea levels. Name 4 of them (NO STRONG PARAGRAPH REQUIRED) CITE THE RESEARCH SPURCES YOU USED

3) According to the video, Rising Sea Levels- Changing Planet, Explain in a STRONG PARAGRAPH, what events are causing glaciers in the artic to melt?

4) According to the video, How Whales Change Climate, explain in DETAIL the role whales play in sequestering carbon from the atmosphere

5) What affects do Greenhouse gases have on EACH of: 1 Biodiversity, 2-Species Habitat, 3-Human Health, the 4-Economy and 5-Society? PROVIDE a STRONG PARAGRAPH ANSWER FOR EACH.

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