Department store and Recruitment program activity



Part 1 250 words with one reference including intext citation in APA format

Identify and select a major department store in the county in the U.S.  

Analyze and discuss the basic principles the department store you selected should follow to develop a selection program that is both legally defensible and ensures hiring the most qualified applicants.

· Using the task analysis approach develop a selection plan for the job of “sales representative” for the department store you selected.

Part 2 250 words with one reference including intext citation in APA format

Plan and execute a recruitment program for the organization for which you work.  Your company is in the process of advertising your current job.  

· Your job title is Quality Assurance Coordinator. 

· Analyze and discuss at least two recruitment objectives your recruitment manager should consider when developing a recruitment program for your job. The recruitment program must be specific to your job.

· Discuss two to three recruitment strategies the recruitment manager may use based on the strategies you previously identified.  Explain the basis for these strategies.

· Identify and explain at least one recruitment activity that may be used to recruit for this vacancy.

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