District of Columbia Courts system 6 HOURS DEADLINE


District of Columbia Courts system 6 HOURS DEADLINE

2 pages 5 sources (credible, no older than 5 years) MLA style US English Reference page net of total word count. Instructions: In what ways do you believe the District of Columbia Courts system is making efforts to change their approach to sentencing in response to the shifting political cultures in the United States? Name some specific examples that were discussed by either Judge Milton Lee or Mr. Cipullo and relate them back to the changes in political cultures and/or ideologies that have been discussed in class. ** Mr. Milton Lee gave an example of how they have a program for fathers straight out of jail – this program helps them find a job so that they can pay child support and also includes classes they have on how to be a more invested father (not just financially, but emotionally). The judges regularly check in on them and have dinners with them and their families and go to basketball games together to be as supportive as possible and make sure everything is running smoothly. Also, they now have departments that are dedicated to the rehabilitation of drug users due to the new shift in political culture.

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