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For this activity, you will find an emotional appeal, identify why it is an emotional appeal, and explain whether it is effective (i.e., persuasive). Refer to class notes (Pathos & Emotional Appeals) as well as the Nabi (2012) reading to help you complete this activity.
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Find an example of an emotional appeal online. It may be an advertisement, commercial/video, PSA, campaign, newspaper article, etc. Based on the emotional appeal you find, address each of the following:

1- Provide the link for the emotional appeal.

2- In one sentence, describe the purpose of the persuasive appeal. In other words, what was the appeal trying to persuade people to do/think/believe?

3- In one paragraph, describe the persuasive appeal in detail. (E.g., what images did it use? What words did it include?)

4- What emotion did the appeal attempt to arouse? Provide at least three specific elements from the appeal that support your claim.

5- Was this appeal effectively persuasive? In other words, did it persuade you? Explain why/why not (and if it did not persuade you, what could have been added/improved to persuade you).

Answer each question individually, I don’t need an essay.

Notes that might help: Evaluating Appeals to Ethos, Logos, and Pathos | English ……/text-evaluating-appeals-to-ethos…


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