ENG 320 Grant Writing Course Descriptions


ENG 320 Grant Writing Course Descriptions

1.What is the name of the organization you want to work with or use this semester?

2.What problem do you want to solve?

Most of Somali-Bantu in Maine are new comers, they came in United States as refugees. Almost all of Somali-Bantu children do not have any educational background and most of them never spoke in English before they came in United States. Therefore, getting adequate education and educational support is the main problem in this community.

3.What is 1 piece of evidence you can provide that proves, or illustrates, this is a problem?

There is no static evidence that supports this problem found yet. But I talked to some of Somali Bantu Community Association members and they all agreed illiteracy is the main issue in the Bantu children.

4.Is there a project or program already in place, or do you need to create one with the help of grant funding? Explain.

There is no program helps Somali-Bantu youth that exist. I would like to create one and seek a grant funds the program. 

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