Essay topic: Explain the reasons of Latin America diversity.


  • During  the course of this class you have learned that Latin America is a very  diverse region in terms of race, ethnicity, culture, and geography.  Explain the reasons of Latin America diversity. (10 points)
  • Women  in Argentina created monumental movements asking for the whereabouts of  their loved ones disappeared for political reasons starting in the  1970s. Explain the political reasons of these disappearances; the names  given to these organizations; how these women banded together; their  actions; why these movements are labeled as “gendering of human rights;”  how they dressed; detail their accomplishments. (10 points).
  • women  in Chile organized to find the whereabout of their loved ones. When did  this happened? Why did people disappeared in Chile? Who are the  Arpilleras?
  • El  Salvador and Guatemala also experienced political violence. You are  asked to provide an explanation of how women reacted to that political  violence.