Ethical Issues in Cyberspace


we need PPT and research paper with 10-13 papers must be in a APA format

Ethical Issues in Cyberspace:

Many experts believe the most important and critical issue facing

cyberspace and the internet is the lack of ethics among cybersecurity

professionals. There are a number of areas where cybersecurity

professional fall short, often times leading to the loss of jobs, personal

and professional reputation, and in some cases criminal prosecution.

However, sometimes there is a difference between what is “legal” and

what is “ethical”. Discuss specific ethical issues facing cybersecurity

professionals. Develop a testable hypothesis regarding the similarities

and differences between ethical and legal conduct by cybersecurity

professionals. Discuss laws that are applicable for cybersecurity

professionals. Discuss the development of rules of ethical conduct for

cybersecurity professionals, and the effectiveness of such rules.

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