Ethics in Internet Research/Research Design


Ethics in Internet Research/Research Design

I am will to pay 3 dollars a page for 6 pages. This is two separate 3 page papers. I will reduce the page count for biding purposes only but I still need two 3 page papers. Each paper needs at least 2 sources. Topic 1: Ethics in Internet Research Read the journal article “The Ethics of Internet Research” (Williams, 2012) and this week’s lecture. In your own words, provide a summary of the article and add your own thoughts on how the Internet can affect the research process, including, but not limited to, ethics concerns. Topic 2: Research Design Google’s business model includes state-of-the art research. Pick a research study that Google’s researchers have done from their list of Research Areas & Publications (2014). What do you think about this research? Find details about related research to support your argument. Cite the studies in your post.

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