Evaluate Pay for Performance Programs and Performance Evaluation


Evaluate Pay for Performance Programs and Performance Evaluation

Create a PowerPoint presentation in which you provide your analysis of the significant components of a pay-for-performance system and evaluate the relationships between employee job performance and the reward systems deigned to motivate, engage, and increase employee productivity and job satisfaction. You and the HR Manager will create and deliver this presentation to the organization’s top leadership. Provide your audience with your own input regarding how to implement such a program in the organization. Be sure your presentation includes two examples of pay for performance programs; and then assess the key characteristics of these compensation programs. Determine whether employees are influenced by performance evaluation systems that are innovative in providing rewards to a diverse set of employees. What is the impact of generational diversity? Document coaching, mentoring, and training initiatives to consider and improve employee productivity, satisfaction, motivation, engagement, and performance. Provide your recommendation as to which program would be most suited for the organization and why. Incorporate appropriate animations, transitions, and graphics as well as “speaker notes” for each slide. The speaker notes may be comprised of brief paragraphs or bulleted lists. Support your presentation with at least three scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources may be included. Length: 12-15 slides (with a separate reference slide) Notes Length: 100-150 words for each slide Be sure to include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA format and style. Save the file as PPT with the correct course code information. Books and Resources for this Week This widget shows what modules and topics exist in the Content tool. Select a module to see its topics. Select a topic to read it in the Content tool. Select Home to return to the top of the module hierarchy. Select Bookmarks to quickly jump to your bookmarked content. The list of content modules and topics for the current selected level in the content hierarchy. Unread Topic Compensation Unread Topic American Management Association. (Nov. 6, 2014). Leading the four generations at work. Unread Topic Rima, A., & Islam, M. (Nov. 2013). Mobility path- A strategic approach for people development in the perspective of Bangladesh. Unread Topic Kim, J. (2016). Impact of Performance Appraisal Justice on the Effectiveness of Pay-for-Performance Systems After Civil Service Reform. Public Personnell

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